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Rodeo Hard

Rodeo Hard Bull Riding Protective Helmet Combo

Rodeo Hard Bull Riding Protective Helmet Combo

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Rodeo Hard Bull Riding Protective Helmet

Unmatched Safety and Protection

The Rodeo Hard Bull Riding Protective Helmet is designed to offer the highest level of safety that's admired by professionals. Its two-piece high-density PP shell along with an A3 steel cage protects your head and face at all times. The helmet not only ensures physical safety but also visual safety with its clear mask, offering optimal vision during your ride making it the perfect protective gear.

Meticulous Design for Comfort

Comfort and safety go hand in hand, and this helmet successfully delivers both. The absorption foam liner provides a snug fit while ensuring maximum impact absorption. Continuing the cascade of comfort is the lightweight, wear-resistant plastic ear loops equipped with a TPU protector which helps in effectively safeguarding your ears. They said comfort couldn’t be amplified, but with this helmet, it definitely can be.

Reliable and Durable Build

The durability of this helmet is further bolstered by its wear-resistant TPU ear loops and the tough A3 steel mask, enabling it to withstand not just the rough rides but also the test of time. Featuring a tool-free adjustment, this helmet ensures a hassle-free experience be it during wearing or removing. Your quest for a reliable, durable, and hassle-free helmet ends here!

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